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Christina H.

With four transactions under our belt, I think it’s time for a review. I am the assistant to a family who has homes all over the country. From Las Vegas, NV, to Southampton, NY. I handle all of their financial transactions. I dread when it comes time to sell or purchase something because of all the extra work and time required. I have dealt with my share of realtors and agencies over the years and get frustrated seeing commissions paid for something that caused us a great deal of stress and work.

We met Kamran Zand about six years ago. I have seen him and his team go to work in every aspect of the field: purchases, sales, and leases with LLCs and trusts involved. They definitely have something others don’t! They have eliminated the extra work and shown us what it means to have people working for you! He does things the right way, and the people who work for him work equally hard to accommodate their clients and care for everything from start to finish. I wish we could carry this team with us across every other transaction.

Christina H. | Waldorf Astoria | $3,350,000