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Exploring available properties online is an excellent starting point, but the best way to gain clarity is to consult a real estate professional who specializes in the luxury space.

My team and I provide exclusive insights that go beyond what you can find on the web, and give you access to both on-and-off market properties.

Contact us to give yourself the confidence that you’re making the right decision, without the fear of missed opportunities.



Kamran Zand is the owner and founder behind Luxury Estates International (LEI), an upscale organization consisting of a growing collection of top real estate professionals who specialize in the marketing and selling of luxury property all over the world.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, Kamran is recognized as a premier choice in selling high-end homes for one simple reason. He delivers results. Kamran has mastered an approach to selling luxury property, disregarding traditional methods in favor of bold strategies based on style, global reach, technology and carefully crafted marketing plans.

Kamran’s success continues year-after-year. With over a billion dollars in sales and over 18 years of experience, his success lies in his keen eye for details as well as his … READ MORE